Asparagus (Broccoli Rice) is a green nutritional marvel. It is a vegetable rich in spring many nutrients and antioxidants. Due to its amazing nutritional benefits, it is advocated by many dietitians. Enlisted here are some of the health benefits of asparagus. 


1. It is a good source of antioxidants 


2. It is rich in folic acid 


3. It is effective against pain and inflammation 


4. It has anti-cancer properties 


5. It is an excellent source of vitamin K 


6. Help in the detoxification process 


7. Help maintain a healthy heart 


8. It is a good source of vitamin C 


9. Aids digestion 


10. Presents diuretic properties 





Cauliflower is a super healthy vegetable, not very healthy, of which more. In addition, an ideal ingredient to lose weight, because it barely has calories, it fills a lot, and you could eat a head of whole cauliflower without barely pass the least on your weight. On the contrary, you would lose weight and everything!  But in addition to its power to lose weight, cauliflower contains maja blancasulfurophane, especially useful to hinder the growth of cancer cells in our vital system. 



  Improve your Heart 


Eating cauliflower will also considerably increase your cardiovascular health, responsible for this is also sulforphan, an anti-carcinogenic and useful component for the heart, all due to its ability to improve blood pressure, and thereby the blood supply to the heart. 




 Natural Anti-inflammatory 


It is also an excellent natural anti-inflammatory food, ideal for people with obesity, arthritis, diabetes, colitis. ulcers and bowel problems (irritated, inflamed ...) All thanks to its level of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which together with Vitamin K will take care of keeping your inflammation at bay. 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

we love the breakfast! Now is the time to replenish your energy! You still have to choose the right foods. But no question of depriving oneself, one is made PLEASURE! 

We have therefore selected for you 5 easy recipes for a healthy breakfast Recipes of madness!

Bowl cake with oatmeal, banana and chocolate chips from Mary Healthy

The Bowl Cake has the wind in its sails right now! Take the opportunity to test this simple and delicious recipe, found on the blog of La Gourmandise Healthy by Mary

Super Health Pancakes from Megalow Food

Hmmm gourmet as we are, we could resist this super-healthy and super-fast pancakes recipe! The recipe to find on the blog of Megalow Food .

Chia seed pudding, all chocolate from Le Canard Ivre

Still chia seeds? And yes, we do not get tired of it! And when it comes in addition to adding chocolate, then there is no more answer! Discover this delightful recipe on Le Canard Ivre's blog .

Green Smoothie by Health & Cooking

A colorful smoothie packed with nutrients! At breakfast to replenish your energy, you add green to your recipes! Find it on the Health & Cooking blog .
Oatmeal and Red Fruit Scones from Misa